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The view is a onesided side show now. I cannot believe the Trump bashing that goes on.

Im cutting out cable and will never visit Disneyland again. need to be fair and balanced. Instead you push your divisive narrative and use your show as a public platform to demean my President. Its no secret the view hosts are Obama supporters ride or die.

Their unfairness and rhetoric go unchecked. If you want to play the moral standards card then it should apply to all. Joy and Whoopi should be fired. If not racism then it is bullying from the pulpit.

Who elected them to be any moral compass? Bullying is a major issue that is never talked about. Why do you think kids come to school with guns? They have had enough of the bullying.

Santa Fe kid interviewed 4x specifically said coaches would bully the kid and other students went along with it. If you see adults behaving badly like this is it ok? This is who Whoopi and Joy have become. As far as Meagan, she uses the platform to defend the horrible rhetoric of her father.

PERIOD. After running on healthcare care reform then voting no. Cadillac Insurance holder. Does not care about working people.

Lives in mansion with gates and guards. Meagan is the lone Rhino or Republican on show. Ridiculous ABC. Everyday they all gang up like a group of highschool mean girls.

These are the real morals and values you are pushing.

ABC you have a bully machine. Cant wait for their award bullying.

Product or Service Mentioned: Abc News The View Tv Show.

Reason of review: my stomach turns when I watch the view.

Preferred solution: Review your policies and make them the same across the board. Fairness mnot onesided side show..

Abc News Cons: View.

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I agree. The View offends me


ABC ( Almost Broadcasting Company ) has been disappointing people for years. Long gone are the days of "Wide World of Sports" (the thrill of victory ...) Frank Reynolds at the news desk, Jules Bergman on science, the PBA tour (Sat.

at 3PM) and some of the fun game shows and sitcoms ... all past and replaced by these mouthy trolls who are going to be very surprised when they die and don't resurrect in three days ...

Off with ABC ; there are dozens of other, much more relevant things to watch, learn, and enjoy. Whatever else, please don't get me started on Disney ; with Walt and his favorite murderous Nazi scientist Wernher Von Braun on the Sunday night show - it always seemed odd to this younger person why Uncle Walt would pal around with a murderous ballistic missile inventor who launched against civilian targets and killed nice British people ...