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Why does ABC news continue to Trump bash and waste our time on Russia collusion when it is actually the Deep State liberals and the Hillary State Dept and Obama administration officials who were actually obliterating our constitution and using Christopher Steele, a foreign agent, to turn our intelligence services into a KGB force. The intent is obvious and this should be headline news, not throwing it back at the people like Nunes and the House Intelligence Committee members who are actually trying to LITERALLY SAVE OUR COUNTRY, OUR FREEDOM, OUR CONSTITUTION.

REMEMBER WE ARE ONLY 1 GENERATION AWAY FROM THE END OF THE USA. The liberals would rather destroy our country than have a Republican in office.

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ABC has peed in their own cornflakes more than once. They cancel shows that people actually watch and leave bottom feeding, unpatriotic twits, Whoopi and Joy on to bash our President and his entire family, down to the minor children.

I will not watch anything on ABC ever again. They should be setting an example instead of portraying treason as being the norm.


So sad that they have the stupid people they have now replacing peter Jennings,Walter Cronkite and all the others that had common seance.


I agree, the liberal media will follow any story that has a negative view of Trump but ignores the obvious cover up that is going on with Clinton campaign and the corruption of out FBI. They are missing a bigger story than Watergate!