The View is absolutely the most divisive, racial, anti-tolerance show on TV these days. The offenses are too many to count, but the most recent anti-Christian comments are reprehensible and horrific.

The problem was than made worse when McCain's attempt to speak for those of us with a strong Christian faith was completely shutdown by producers through Goldberg - which PROVES the intolerance of the show unless you have a PURE LIBERAL BIAS!!! I've seen some horrible shows in my 55 years on this earth, but the The View has won first place, and I'm appalled that ABC News, which considers itself a worthy and professional news outlet, would continue to air and support such disgusting material and hosts with no tolerance of the widespread Christian faith in America. Seems airing the ridiculous opinions of the hateful liberals on air (specifically Behar who is beyond words when it comes to hateful commentary, and prompts a quick channel switch whenever her face appears) is more important than providing enjoyable content that is divisive.

Obviously the only way to get through to your thick executive skulls is to boycott the advertisers, which is exactly what my family, friends and I plan to do. If you want to do entertainment, then pull this crock of a show and make a deal for HBO to air it, right along with SNL as they are both about the lowest quality crap I've ever seen.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Broadcasting Company The View Tv Show.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Cancel the show - PLEASE.

Abc News Cons: View.

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I’ve never watched The View, but I’ve seen clips of it. All I can say is that people must truly be desperate for something to watch if they are watching such filth n trash.

The women (I won’t call them ladies) surely never were able to receive any kind of education, and they wouldn’t recognize good manners if they slapped them in their disgusting faces.

I won’t even comment about their voices. Eeek!!


That's ridiculous. It is a VERY popular show.

Sounds like a whole lot of bias. Do the fact checking and you will see you are very wrong!


These women are toxic and time for them to go. What does Joy or Whopee really contribute.

They give no real information for the public.

They are a bunch of old biddies that need to retire. No one will watch.




If you don’t like “TheView” don’t watch. It’s the number one daytime show. Which means a lot of people watch and enjoy it.


Completely agree that there is no place for this on commercial TV. Joy Behar is a bully.

They stack the panel with lopsided views and gang up on the single person that does not necessarily agree with the other's stance. Or, they need to realign the hosts so that there is more of a conversation than a "beating".


I think it has really gone downhill without Meghan. The others were much better when she was there-they would fight but it was a typical Republican vs Democrat beliefs type of thing.

That is okay. But Meghan was a good, law abiding, STRONG, traditional conservative who stood up for her beliefs, not someone else's (following whoever is leading her party. Politics is an end to a means, not a means to an end. When someone is breaking the law they need to be accountable for that.

There has been great damage to our country from all of the Trumpism. Now people are coming on the show that aren't denouncing it and they know they have to stop it. But, when the guests are expressing real conservative policies they should listen-such as, when one of the guests said she blamed the Progressives for the reason they cannot pass the Infrastructure bills, not Manchin and Moderates. And they did cut that guest off.

I am all for these bills also, but I agree, it definitely needs to be trimmed down and he is like the CPA in the room. I think they should listen to his views. Our country is in an injured state after the pandemic and we need to be CAREFUL and move more slowly. Same thing we would have to do if we had Covid ourselves.

We do need more policy compromise, but we will not compromise breaking laws and lies which is what a large part of the Republican party is trying to do now. And Meghan spoke up about that-she is not a criminal. Meghan McCains' are hard to come by, but they need someone like her. The ALL or NOTHING view has no place in our Democracy.

It's all about COMPROMISE. We need to work together to get the right balance.

That is what has made this country a success. A little bit of all ALL views.


Joy Behar is an awful pig and Whoopie seems to be something of a racist, in my opinion. Both women are extremely ignorant.


AGREE,AGREE,AGREE. Happy Megan left; she is to classy for these lolifes.

They are miserable, unhappy human beings who are making lots of money making other people miserable. God help their families who must live with them.


Old woman Joy needs to go…. The show use to be ok to watch but not anymore… some of the dumbest comments n Tv.. no longer a fan


Joy Behar is a racist and a bully. I do not understand how they allow her to talk to people the way she does.

She does not allow for free thinking or speaking. Either cancel the show or remove her.


Joy Behar is definitely not a racist. She is very opinionated. She does not let people who disagree with her speak.


I totally agree....my wife use to be a David Muir fan till I exposed all his propaganda, cherry picking what his bosses want. No news about all of Biden’s blunders.

Afghanistan, inflation, Covid, illegals crossing our border at will.

He is putting Americans safety at risk constantly. Doesn’t abc have any journalists with guts to tell the real story of how our nation in going to crap.


Biden definitely has screwed up -Afghanistan, border. Blaming Covid on him is the biggest joke ever-who caused all this in the first place???answer: Trump's lies and TOTAL incompetence.

But it is his followers who are the real danger. How anyone can't see through him is beyond me. Try getting vaccinated OR putting the mask on and doing what Biden said-we would have controlled it along time ago. It's time the American people start taking responsibility for this situation.

They are destroying our country by not listening and following instructions-keep going and we aren't going to have a country anymore. The virus rules and until all of you realize it's power we will never move on. The inflation is a result of that. Wise up.

And as far as our leaders go, Republicans need a viable option for President and subservient Congressmen. Master cons are not going to do it for the people.


Do you idiots ever listen to REAL news? Have you seen the UK's government newest reports?

Over 30,000 people died within 21 days after the first vaccine. Plus the UK research now shows that cancer is 20 times higher in fully vaccinated people as opposed to unvaccinated people AND if you have serious allergy problems you should NOT take the Covid vaccine. If you need to carry an EpiPen for emergency treatment of acute allergic reaction you should NOT take the Covid vaccine also according to UK research. Why don't we have information from our government regarding this kind of research?

They won't even tell us how many people have died as a result of the vaccine. I personally know of 3 who died directly from the vaccine. Plus tell me why Biden is mandating we Americans citizens all take the vaccine but the illegal immigrants and those from Afghanistan are not required to take the vaccine? Border patrol said less than 1% of the Haitians have been vaccinated and they are coming in by the thousands right now.

230,000 illegal immigrants just last month alone.

They are also bringing measles and other diseases which will soon be spreading all over our country. So that is all ok with you ignorant Biden supporters?


Over 700,000 died from Covid in U.S only. Very very few died from the vaccine.

These mandates are coming because people did not want to be responsible by practicing the prescribed mitigation-MASKS, distance, cleaning after yourself. You can't have BOTH!!! This is a pandemic. Show some responsibility.

Democracies can not survive it's members not being responsible. Do you people have children? Do you let them run in the streets or teach them to be careful of cars? It's hard to believe their selfishness.

Freedom is a privilege in this country. These people are abusing that privilege. Since when is wearing a seat belt a deprivation of freedom? We would all be dead if we followed this advice.

(which, as I have said 700,000 are). If you really are against the vaccine, they are giving options to be tested everyday and you must wear a mask.


The view brings MacBeth to mind. The similarities are profound: A critical quote: "harpies are horrifying monsters that have women's faces and the bodies of birds.

They are regarded as filthy and covetous, always preying on others and wanting more. , , , Sound familiar?


How absurd...those who fear the truth and want to destroy our freedom express sentiments like this...wak up...we need to expose thw wvila hurting this country...the View presents the facts; we need more shows willing to do this...wake up!!! Jim B FL


PLEASE do not cancel this wonderful show! These women, with the exception of Meghan McCain, are knowledgeable, tolerant, compassionate and empathetic!

Meghan was simply too young and self-focused to be a part of the show in the beginning. I found her constant boasting about being "pro-life" to be tiresome. Did you notice that her father, John McCain, was pro-choice? ABC has it on a video that Meghan introduced after his illness was made public.

He wanted to continue to work, and Meghan said the family was against it. The response shown on The View by Mr. McCain himself was "my life, my choice!" He understood pro- choice! Obviously, having a child has taken some of her focus off of herself, but she just doesn't get it.

I hope that one day she will be able to see this issue from another person's frame of reference....not just her own. All people are pro-life or we would be suicidal, but we all have the right to make our own choices about our own lives and how we live them. It's not up to her and these other anti-abortion proponents. Women have the right to dominion over their own bodies.

There are so many children already here that need help. Let's concentrate on helping them instead!


Great input! I agree with you completely.

It's about pure logical sense in living your life. If everyone would put themselves in the other person's shoes before judging, life would sure be a lot easier for all of us. We are all pro choice about our own lives and anyone who says they do not believe that is not being honest with themselves. Or maybe it's too easy for people to have a different set of rules for themselves and others.

I love the show also and I enjoyed some of what Meghan had to offer. At least most of the time she seemed like a good human being. I could, however see her lack in maturity many times. She is only 37 and I do think she will open up her views as she lives on.

Half the time she would not even answer the questions but would sidetrack on something that had nothing to do with the topic. I think she was struggling being associated with her party during the past four years. But I did like her and I will miss seeing her.

I liked her father and I like her mom. May be she will be a guest sometimes.

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