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The View is absolutely the most divisive, racial, anti-tolerance show on TV these days. The offenses are too many to count, but the most recent anti-Christian comments are reprehensible and horrific.

The problem was than made worse when McCain's attempt to speak for those of us with a strong Christian faith was completely shutdown by producers through Goldberg - which PROVES the intolerance of the show unless you have a PURE LIBERAL BIAS!!! I've seen some horrible shows in my 55 years on this earth, but the The View has won first place, and I'm appalled that ABC News, which considers itself a worthy and professional news outlet, would continue to air and support such disgusting material and hosts with no tolerance of the widespread Christian faith in America. Seems airing the ridiculous opinions of the hateful liberals on air (specifically Behar who is beyond words when it comes to hateful commentary, and prompts a quick channel switch whenever her face appears) is more important than providing enjoyable content that is divisive.

Obviously the only way to get through to your thick executive skulls is to boycott the advertisers, which is exactly what my family, friends and I plan to do. If you want to do entertainment, then pull this crock of a show and make a deal for HBO to air it, right along with SNL as they are both about the lowest quality crap I've ever seen.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Broadcasting Company The View Tv Show.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Cancel the show - PLEASE.

Abc News Cons: View.

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5 of the biggest doushbags , six counting anna navaro, in the history of tv. the view is the most untruthful show.

the hosts think they are all better than everyone else. they lie show terrible bias, and the opinions of junkies like wilderbeast whoopi, spoiled brats like milkywhite megan and amazon abby would collapse if they didnt have the last names they do.they would be working at dunkin donuts.stutteringsunny thinks her kids are better yhan everyone elses, she doesnt tell you about the problems they have had with the law and drugs. jurrasic joy has been around the block so many times nobo dy else wants her.

the view wants all of them. shame on abc


I like Joy Behar. First of all I admire her tanasity and her inquiring desire to bring forth the truth.

She's always up to the challenge and is intellectually well armed against all her opponents. Some people may not know that Joy Behar has a master's degree, and that she was a university professor for several years, before she became a world famous comedienne. In fact, Joy has a much higher education than Trump does! Trump only has a bachelors degree.

So don't knock Joy for being ignorant, misinformed and dumb. She's anything but that!

If you don't like hearing Joy's or Whoopi's opposing views on conservatives, then all you have to do is change the channel. It's as simple as that.


I find it hard to believe that ABC allows these woman on the view to BASH our president of the USA. Does ABC understand that 1/2 of America voted for him and we stand behind him.

I have quit watching ABC news , the view and many other programs. Wake up ABC!


The worst!!!.Whoopie is a dictator..SOOO obvious..so she knows everything about this country and its citizens while she sits in her ivory tower??..what a farce...she must have something on the bosses..to let her continue her sooooo uninformed biased hold on the others and the show!!!!


wilderbeast whoopi,amazon abby,jurrasic joy,stuttering sunny and milky white megan the spoiled brat. the 5 women that spread more hate in one hourthan most people do in a lifetime.

5 losers,5 haters,5 spreaders of hate on a national stage. do they ever have a guest that doesnt hate the president of the us.! what they are doing isnt going to work.

!!!!!!! then what will all of uall do?


ABC needs to ax The View right away. What they should do is suspend live production of The View for a 5 week special called The Fun & Games Hour.

One week each will have two different half hour game shows.

Here is a list destin to reboot for ABC daytime 1) Daytime Wheel of Fortune 2) Place Your Bets (based on the 70s game Celebrity Sweepsteaks) 3) High Rollers 4) Gambit 5) Password 6) Snap Judgment (based on the 1967-69 NBC series) 7) Three on a Match (based on the 1971-74 NBC series) 8) You Don't Say (based on the 60s NBC game) 9) The Celebrity Game (based on the 1964 Carl Reiner game) 10) Sale of the Century By the time the tryout period is over, viewers will go to abc.com to pick two shows to air permanently on its daytime lineup weekdays at 11 & 11:30 am Eastern. The new games will easily beat Drew Carey and his circuslike Price is Right.


Sure it would be great to see some of these old game shows back in production, but the big problem is there are absolutely no good game show hosts left anymore. Who'd host these reboots? God forbid there be anymore hasbeen comedians hired as game show hosts!


I can’t stand this show. If I’m out of the room, and hear Goldberg or Behars voices, I run in and turn the channel.

How ABC keeps these two sickening women on TV is beyond me.

I hate them as much as they have said they hate Trump. Can’t stand the show or the people.


It's pretty obvious that the person or persons who took the time to create this petition are angry, but biased against some of the members of The View, and their anger is based on religious reasons, which seems to be contradictory, as you are accusing certain members of The View of the same things. This petition is self-serving and only includes a certain group of people.

You are charging the members of The View with racism, bias, saying "bad" things to people, and a whole litany of things. I'd be interested to see the geography of the people who are in agreement with this petition.

I don't believe it will go anywhere because you are biased youselves and because it is only your point of view. Your charges against The View are bogus.


It's time to cancel a show that only breeds hate , division, and an absence of morals. If we truly want a better county we have to see an end o this type of hate on our airwaves.


The View and the witches on the view is an awful hateful negative show it must be canceled ASAP


Cancel Cancel Cancel.


Cancel the view!!! Or more importantly, Meghan McCain’s pointless view


Could not have said it better the View mist nauseating show ever! Sickening.

Lies Lies Lies sunny hostin today so angry call President Trump every name in the book including their usual racist comments. No respect. Behar is disgusting. Whoopi.

Ugh. Please stop


Are you accusing Sunny Hostin of making racist remarks against Donald Trump? I have to refrain from laughing myself silly over such a ridiculous remark, and a dishonest one at that.

Explain please, how her remarks were racist? Do you even understand what a racist remark is? Did Sunny call Donald Trump "whitey?" What was the "racist" remark she said about him? What "names" did she call him?

Boy, I would hate to see you on the stand. You would embarrass yourself out of the courtroom.

It's YOU who are making racist remarks about Sunny. How's that?


ABC has a new program airing called Stumptown, with a female comedian as the lead who is supposed to be a hardnosed detective. Colby Smulders is a bad choice for this role.

I look at her and want to laugh from her previous comedy roles. What is ABC thinking?


ABC has its own anti-Trump agenda, so it's not only the View that is full of hatred. Good Morning America gets its lies and bias in everyday.

George Stephanopoulos worked for the Clintons, so beware of his lack of honesty. David Muir, just 10 minutes ago, said it's a SCANDAL that Alex Acosta resigned.

There is NO SCANDAL ABC! Muir, you just lost ALL credibility!!


Are you joking? You want to ban everyone who says something that you don't like, and you apparently want someone to praise Trump.

Well, let me tell you - there is absolutely nothing to praise about Trump. He is a world-wide embarrassment, and because you don't get it, you want everyone to say what YOU want them to say. You are pathetic, because you actually believe the whole of ABC lies because they don't agree with your view of the country. You also indicate that David Muir and George Stephanopoulos are liars for the same reason.

How narrow minded can you be? You should be embarrassed, and one day, when Trump is gone and put in jail, you will eat your words, guaranteed.


When I go to physical therapy, all patients (black, Hispanic, white, Etc) want the View and ABC turned off. Everyone complains about the nastiness and hatred being spewed by the so-called ladies. ABC, what's wrong with you?


Your remarks are actually laughable and not even worthy of a response.