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The View is absolutely the most divisive, racial, anti-tolerance show on TV these days. The offenses are too many to count, but the most recent anti-Christian comments are reprehensible and horrific.

The problem was than made worse when McCain's attempt to speak for those of us with a strong Christian faith was completely shutdown by producers through Goldberg - which PROVES the intolerance of the show unless you have a PURE LIBERAL BIAS!!! I've seen some horrible shows in my 55 years on this earth, but the The View has won first place, and I'm appalled that ABC News, which considers itself a worthy and professional news outlet, would continue to air and support such disgusting material and hosts with no tolerance of the widespread Christian faith in America. Seems airing the ridiculous opinions of the hateful liberals on air (specifically Behar who is beyond words when it comes to hateful commentary, and prompts a quick channel switch whenever her face appears) is more important than providing enjoyable content that is divisive.

Obviously the only way to get through to your thick executive skulls is to boycott the advertisers, which is exactly what my family, friends and I plan to do. If you want to do entertainment, then pull this crock of a show and make a deal for HBO to air it, right along with SNL as they are both about the lowest quality crap I've ever seen.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Broadcasting Company The View Tv Show.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Cancel the show - PLEASE.

I didn't like: View.

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They need to let go Megan McCain and Abby .every they talking about The former President Obama and secretary Hillary Clinton they are no longer in the White House at all she need to looking at her late Father Sen John McCain wasn’t good until he got sick and than he turned his life around he couldn’t never be like the The former President Barack Obama .


The View promotes hatred all the way!! Whoopie and Joy are the biggest hypocrites and are very ignorant!!

This show is the MOST divisive show on television. If the show continues on, perhaps the producers can talk about hot topics, like they used to and leave any politics on the sideline.

to Glenda Jones #1628328

Take It Off

to Glenda Jones #1630322

Worst program on TV


The View continues to be such a joke! Again on Monday, December 3rd, Joy B again lost it with Meagan McCain.

Who does she think she is. She’s a washed up Comic, tv personality and woman. She left the View once, why did they bring her back? She’s nuts, and so hateful.

Why is ABC putting up with her? I hardly watch the show anymore, I love Whoppy , but she two can get a little one sided, she’s the host and can’t even control Joy...... Im getting real tired of Sunny too, she’s getting too hateful.... I wished it was more balanced like years ago.

There is just too much hate, not only for Trump but also for its own woman on the panel. These two woman were raised in politics their entire lives, educated and try so hard to tune out the haters on the panel. They know what they talk about and research why their not sure of or don’t know. This is so sad.

People in glass houses should not throw stones. ABC needs to fire Joy NOW!!!!!!!


The Veiw, what a joke, a bunch of washed up, bitter, dispicables, these women sit on National Television every day and pretend to have the intelligence to speak about politics. At best The View is a bunch of disgruntled women with low pedigrees, D list group, unqualified to talk about any subject much less politics, no thanks


Cancel the show. It’s terrible! Huge disappointment ABC!

to Anonymous #1607472

They need to cancel this trash show I don’t watch nor do intend to do so


I agree that the View should be cancelled. It no longer represents the opinion of the majority in America.

The program started out with some great discussions and through the years has become focused on cat fights, unprofessional treatment of guests and low class behaviour. The few times I have watched the View, I wonder how the hosts ever got their jobs and more importantly, how they kept their jobs.

to JOA #1594774

Cancel show. Putting on Anna seals the deal with me and many others.


The View should have been cancelled a long time ago!


cancel the following shows The View


I can’t believe that these women on the view have so much hate. Please get all of these women off the show. We wont watch the view or abc until they get them off the show completely.those women on the view Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg are a disgrace to our country please get them off the show And have some respect for our president and country, these people are disgacefull..


I represent three generations of women who used to love the view and never missed it. Now none if us can stomach watching it.

It is filled with anger and Intolerance.

I do not understand how people can watch a program with so much negativity everyday and enjoy it. I would love to see The View canceled and something more productive in its place.


It's time to cancel the view


I applaud this person! they speak for me entirely.

The view women are racist hate mongers. I agree with everything said in this review. there is nothing more to add...

they covered it. for the sake of everyone please make them stop spreading the hate.

to G. Bertrand #1605757

get rid of those *** right now . how come that lying *** whoopie has not moved to canada yet


Please cancel the View. the Show is the most hateful show on tv Good job ABC, you just lost a lifelong viewer,Whoopi, why are you still living here?

I thought you were one of those so called stars that was moving to Canada. Whoopi Goldberg, joy behar they need to go..

to eric #1605758

kid rock called it as he see/s it . *** that can/t have their way


Please cancel the view its too bias promotes hatred ignorance disrespect too political,.

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