The View is absolutely the most divisive, racial, anti-tolerance show on TV these days. The offenses are too many to count, but the most recent anti-Christian comments are reprehensible and horrific.

The problem was than made worse when McCain's attempt to speak for those of us with a strong Christian faith was completely shutdown by producers through Goldberg - which PROVES the intolerance of the show unless you have a PURE LIBERAL BIAS!!! I've seen some horrible shows in my 55 years on this earth, but the The View has won first place, and I'm appalled that ABC News, which considers itself a worthy and professional news outlet, would continue to air and support such disgusting material and hosts with no tolerance of the widespread Christian faith in America. Seems airing the ridiculous opinions of the hateful liberals on air (specifically Behar who is beyond words when it comes to hateful commentary, and prompts a quick channel switch whenever her face appears) is more important than providing enjoyable content that is divisive.

Obviously the only way to get through to your thick executive skulls is to boycott the advertisers, which is exactly what my family, friends and I plan to do. If you want to do entertainment, then pull this crock of a show and make a deal for HBO to air it, right along with SNL as they are both about the lowest quality crap I've ever seen.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Cancel the show - PLEASE.

Abc News Cons: View.

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Amen! Please cancel "The View"!

Who watch's this disgusting show anyway! A bunch of liberal clap trap!


If Whoopie wants my gun(s), tell her to come get them. Plus, didn't she promise to move to Canada if Trump won the election?

What is she still doing here? PLEASE, Whoopie, move to Canada: the sooner the better.


Same thing you are doing here-it is her RIGHT to be here.


I could not agree with you more ! The View is the most hate filled , disgusting television show ever !!

Horrible women that seem to be very racist toward anything other than their view ! Shows like the view promote racism against whites and hate for any other view .


I cannot watch this show. It is gone so far left it may really hurt itself.

The silent 80% who show up to vote sense they don’t have the freedom to speak daily without threats from the left.

Why did it come to this? Come No ember we will be heard loud & clear this *** has to stop!!


Stupid show! waste of air timw




The View represents what’s wrong in America


What's wrong with America is people who criticize and hate people who have views that are supported with facts. What's wrong with America is people who will not face the truth and let themselves learn from it.

What's wrong with America is people not caring about anyone but themselves!!! That is what has and is destroying our country. The only answer and road to peace and happiness is the TRUTH!!! Learn to accept it-and try to make things better in a CONSTRUCTIVE way.

Learn to listen to people speaking truth and tune out those who don't.

A LOT is to be gained from that. Check your RELIABLE facts before you speak.


I agree cancel the view. If Whoopi (Caryn Johnson) Goldberg were white she would have been fired for her comments about the Holocaust.

Every year this far left racist group have continued to spew their personal opinions. Enough already #canceltheview


I only watch the view when ana navarro is in it


The View is what's wrong with media. They do NOT speak truth. #CancelTheView.


They ARE the TRUTH!!


The View needs to go! there is no place for them in this day and age.


The view represents all that has gone wrong with America in last 50-60 years...........God is no longer welcome.........lazy people are worshiped......Violent people are worshiped........Rude people are worshiped.......People with no morals are worshiped.......criminal are worshiped.......Everything that was good 50 years ago is now bad and all that was bad is now good. Growing up we had to work hard, obey the law, treat others with respect and that means teachers and law officers,,,,,,,,,,Quit hiding behind race, get a job, pay some taxes, obey the law and quit living off my hard earned tax money. now days half the us does not work .....does not obey the laws, and are so lazy the dont work and want nothing but free stuff..........This comment is 100 percent sad but true.........Not evrything is about race you lazy Jerks""""""


That is a very true statement about what has happened to America. However, it is America that fed the lies to the American people to focus on the "buck" only.

It is the greedy rich controlling America and Congress not responding with appropriate litigation to stop that and protect the people being hurt. Then everyone joined the race since, "if you have this, I should have this also", forgetting totally about EARNING it. Race was one of those problems-and it is very real. But I agree, I am sick of hearing about it.

I am a woman and I have experienced exactly the same things-for different reasons. Yes, I have had anger because of it. But we can't focus on that because first, human nature is NEVER going to change. People can be very CRUEL.

It has been around since the beginning of time and will stay around forever. Move away from those people and move on in your own positive, constructive way. It is not just race determining cruelty.

But the laws did disappear protecting "Peoples' Rights". Some of the members of the View are very angry and it shows through.


All of you need to GET A LIFE! It is called the VIEW for a reason. We all love it-don't worry it's not going anywhere.


We all don't love it. Only you racist, anti-american losers love it.


Cancel please sick of their racism


I refuse to watch the View. Never have or never will have this on my television.

It is nothing but nasty and negative. My time on this earth is much more valuable than listening to a bunch of people that think they know everything and get by with saying what they want.

To this day I will never understand how this has been on the air for so long! Hope it really is cancelled!

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